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Image by Kobby Mendez

Muddle or Nope

I love a good muddle. A muddle releases the natural oils of the fruit and gives the intoxicating smell of citrus that, in my opinion, tantalizes all of your senses. So why am I struggling with to muddle or not to muddle? Well, maybe because I was told that some muddles gives the feeling of compost in a glass. I am still tring to wrap my head around that as there are more than a couple of drinks on Twist On It's website that are muddled. Hard Lemon, Devil's KoolaidSangria Poncha, The Smash, and the Iced LeMinTea. Clearly, I like a good muddle.

Am I the only one who likes a good muddle? Pondering this question, I immediately began looking for ways NOT to muddle. So…I played around with the Devil's Koolaid. Hmmm, maybe I can squeeze the lemon and lime. But what do I do with the basil? [sigh] Maybe a dry shake will get the oils, maybe this maybe that. Well, the maybe this and that turned into a muddle of lemon, lime and basil, dry shake and strain into a chilled glass. Once I completed the 3 steps, it was easy!  All I had to do is add the ice and top with the sloe gin and the Italian Soda. And can I just say…I felt a little devilish! What I concluded is the muddle--well…it’s a personal preference. This website was created to exercise and explore creativity. I am certain that whether you decide to muddle our drinks or not, you will definitely get twisted!

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