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WE haven’t posted in a while. Where have we been? In the lab testing drinks, hosting tastings and catering events. While in the lab, we noticed that we have a lot of drinks that are twofers or threefers…In other words, versatile. Which brings me to the conversation as it relates to versatility. One of the best features of our cocktails is how versatile they can be.

What do I mean by that? Let’s take the Boba Explosion. One of my all time favorites that we created as a shot, but it was later featured at a popular Denver Restaurant as a cocktail using Boba straws. Ultimately, we were able to create it as a virgin drink/mocktail for festivals that was a favorite for all ages.

The Iced LeMinTea, Mangled Midori Madness and Tropical Storm have one thing in common…they share spirits! Regardless of which one you choose, you will definitely get the same end result!

While getting ready for an afterparty for Denver’s Ballroom scene, we discovered 3 paths to the Mangled Midori: Shot, Cocktail and Punchbowl. Yes! 3 ways!

Currently we are working on a whiskey sour and/or side car. What we found is the side car and whiskey sour mirror. Surprisingly enough, one of our first drinks, Fire Pit, mirrored both the whiskey sour and side car with the marriage of dark liquors and a smoky twist.

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